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PhotoPrintMe Product Configuration

PhotoPrintMe products are created by Mitsubishi and they are collected in Catalogues. These catalogues are shared between PhotoPrintMe stores.


Your shop will have a catalogue named “SmartD90RT Multilanguage” or “Click Multilanguage” depending on your equipment. This catalogue contains a variety of products designed for your SmartD90RT or Click.


You can configure your shop’s catalogues from the catalogue tab on the settings page. Just click on the “Configure” button on the catalogue you want to setup.
You will see that the catalogues are structured in folders. The main folder is called root. All the content at this location will be shown at the start page.

On the main catalogue products are organized on the following categories: Photos, Miniprints (Subdivided in Small, Medium, Classic and Large), Collage, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Albums, Photo Strips and Bookmarks.

By clicking on the Visibility button you will show or hide a product or category in your shop page. Use this button to enable or disable the articles that you offer to your customers.

By clicking on the Reset button you will restore the article or the category to its default settings. Note that all the modifications you made (translations, references, custom prices…) will be lost.



By clicking on the Edit button you will be able to modify the settings of a product or a category.
Category Settings
The available settings for a category are the following:

The Name is the text that will be shown to the user on the client side of the store. This is a Multi-Language field so you can edit the translations.




Product Settings

For each product you can define a reference. This reference will be mainly used with the Barcode feature, to generate a code that can be scanned by the shop attendant at the pickup point. If you implement EAN 13 barcode, the reference must only contain numbers.
You can also edit the product display name that the user will see on the product selection page.
The next fields are the short and the long descriptions. This descriptions only appear in the product detailed page, when it is enabled.
Use the short description to describe the product and the long description to give more detailed information. They are also translatable.
Also you will see a QR code and an URL. They will redirect you to the product detailed page, even the detailed product page is not activated. So you can use them on promotional media to take users directly to the product without having to select it manually.
Finally you have the detailed page of the product setting.
When this feature is enabled, when the user selects a product, it will see the detailed product page before creating his order.
The detailed product page gives to the user the product name and image, the short and long description and the product price.
Product Name


Product Prices and Variant Settings

If you click on the Variants tab on the product settings, you will be able to configure the prices. You can setup price ranges for any product. This way, the individual cost of the prints will depend on the amount.
If a product has more than one variant, you can setup different prices between them. You can also disable specific variants by unchecking the “Use variant” field.