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PhotoPrintMe Christmas Campaign


Christmas is here, and the New Campaign of PhotoPrintMe too!

Because the magic of the season is almost as beautiful as our new product.

Now available two wonderful options to print  Christmas Presents…

  1. Christmas Collage

Three great different frames to print the best memories. Christmas Collages 15 x 20 cm.

  • You may choose between 3 different designs.
  • These Christmas collages will be promoted as a special product, (it is not inside the greeting cards category).
  • The Christmas Collages should be shown at the top of the online catalogue


  1. Christmas Clips Pack

The best way to use the pictures as a Christmas Decoration.

Christmas Clips Product includes 6 pictures of 5x15cm with 3 frame designs and Six Clips with star shape

  • The Christmas Clips will be delivered directly to final customers for free.
  • The customers will receive 30 packs of 6 units each one, since 12th of november.
  • All customers registered to mecloudprinter until December 31st will receive the campaign material


The new seasonal products will be available to be published since 8th of november.

To know how to publish new products and how to change prices, download the following link:



If someone needs more information don’t hesitate contact us.