2020-07-17T07:32:32+00:0017 July 2020 |New Products|

New Retro prints of PhotoPrintMe!

Print your pictures and Do It Yourself!
The classic sizes now at the reach of your hand



We are glad to introduce you the new Retro Prints of PhotoPrintMe.
3 original formats to print your pictures with a vintage style, and keep your best memories close to you.

Choose the style that you prefer:


Instant Mini

A fun pocket size pictures that you will love it!  Perfect to print your special people photos.


Instant Square


The classic instant square picture with a customisable border. Your Instagram pictures fits perfectly here.


Instant Wide


Rectangular mini pictures with a customisable border. Use as a decoration or as a gift.

For all three formats the background can be changed, text can be added and offcourse filters can be used to personalise the images.


To add this product to your online catalogue and modify the prices, you must activate it by following these steps.


With PhotoPrintMe, offer a new photography business in your store.