2019-08-09T10:13:07+00:009 August 2019 |general eng|

New “12 pages photo calendars” available now!

Discover our new PhotoPrintMe product: 12 pages photo calendars, the best way to remember the greatest memories every month.
The new calendars are available in two differents sizes:
  • 10x15cm
  • 15x20cm
And you can choose between two designs:
  • Summer
  • Cool
Also you have the calendars in multiples languages:
English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Romanian, German.

Find the new product inside the calendar´s  folder on your PhotoPrintMe online catalogue. You don’t have to activate this product, it is already uploaded.

To order the bases of the calendars, use the following codes:

  • 10x15cm              11ECALENDAR 4X6
  • 15x20cm              11ECALENDAR 6X8



With PhotoPrintMe offer a new photography business.