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How to find your unique QR code

Inside the promotional package for PhotoPrintMe Christmas cards, you will find a Photoshop file:



This file can be used to promote your Christmas cards.
As you can see below, it has a placeholder that allows you to insert your own custom QR code :



By scanning this QR code, you customer gains access to these cards in the easiest way possible.
Scan the QR, and the customer is directly linked to your Christmas category or products.

Two different webshop types exist :
https://mykiosk.io/photoprintme.com/…. webshops, and
https://shops.photoprintme.com/… webshops.

Start by determining which type of webshop you have. The way to find your QR code, will be described seperately.

2a.     I have a https://mykiosk.io/photoprintme/…. webshop

For MyKiosk webshops, you can create QR codes that link to a category. For instance, to the Christmas cards category.
After scanning the QR, the customer will be directly linked to that category. As an example, that could look like this :



You can NOT link to a specific product (like for instance : Christmas cards 10x15cm).

How to find your unique QR code :

  1. Navigate to your mykiosk webshop.
  2. Right click on the category that you wish to link to, and select ‘Copy link address’.


Paste this link, in your favourite online QR code generator.

For instance,you can use https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/

It will generate a QR code, which you can download, and insert in your promotional Photoshop file.



2b.      I have have a https://shops.photoprintme.com/… webshop

For shops.photoprintme.com shops, in principle the same method (described in chapter 2.a)  can be used.

However, there is an easier way. And there is another option : besides linking to a category, it is also possible to link to a specific product :

  1. Navigate to the admin section of your webshop, and log in (https://shops.photoprintme.com/YOURWEBSHOP/admin – replace YOURWEBSHOP with your own details)
  2. Navigate to ‘Products’, and press ‘configure’.

Navigate to either the desired category, or the desired product :



4. Press the EDIT button of the desired category or product, and the appropriate QR code will be shown when you scroll down. You can copy it, and paste it in the promotional Photoshop file. Please see picture on the next page :