2019-07-31T09:07:04+00:0031 July 2019 |New Products|

How to activate new products on online catalogue?

  1. Open your online catalogue as supervisor, you should write your online address adding “admin” at the end of the URL



Then access to your account.

If is the first time that you access into your account, use the default info:

User: supervisor

Password: 12345678*

*You can change your password if you go to your user (supervisor) and select change password.

  1. Go to your products (Shop -> Products), as you can see in the image below:

Once in products, you will find the seasonal new products deactivated, choose the ítems that you want to offer to your customers and publish it as you can see below:



Now you have published the new products. To change the prices, click on the edit button and edit the product you want.



To unpublish the products, choose the ítems that you don’t want to show any more, and do the same.


Now you can log out your supervision account.