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Where can I buy PhotoPrintMe if I’m not a customer yet?2019-08-02T08:19:57+00:00
You can contact us through the following link: Contact Us
What privacy policy should I use for my online catalog?2019-06-05T07:34:53+00:00

If you don’t have a Privacy Policy in your store, you can use this generic privacy policy for your online catalog.

Download: English

What happens if only one picture is uploaded?2019-05-16T10:56:53+00:00

Each mobile may work differently. In order to guaranty that all your pictures will be uploaded, we recommend to select your photos from your “pictures” folder instead of “gallery” folder or “photos” folder.

How do I print more advertising material for my store if I’ve run out?2019-06-06T07:37:09+00:00

Go to the following link and download the final artworks for your store’s pieces of advertising for free. Remember to replace the QR code with the one from your own printer.


How to activate new products on online catalogue?2019-06-06T07:40:09+00:00
  1. Open your online catalogue as supervisor, you should write your online address adding “admin” at the end of the URL


Then access to your account.

If is the first time that you access into your account, use the default info:

User: supervisor

Password: 12345678*

*You can change your password if you go to your user (supervisor) and select change password.

  1. Go to your products (Shop -> Products), as you can see in the image below:

Once in products, you will find the seasonal new products deactivated, choose the ítems that you want to offer to your customers and publish it as you can see below:

Now you have published the new products. To change the prices, click on the edit button and edit the product you want.

To unpublish the products, choose the ítems that you don’t want to show any more, and do the same.

From where can my customers access my online catalog?2019-06-06T07:46:37+00:00

They can simply access your online catalog from any place! They only need to be connected to it with a smart device (exp: Smartphone) which has internet.

How can my customers access to my online catalogue?2019-06-06T07:58:33+00:00

They have two ways to access to your online catalogue.

The first option is, scanning the QR code, that you received whith your POS Kit.

The second option is, to access by typing the online catalogue adress in their device: mykiosk.io/photoprintme/(your ID Printer number).

You can find this ID printer number in the package of your printer.

How can I access to my store page?2019-06-06T08:05:54+00:00

You have to put “/admin” in addition to your online catalog address.

For example: mykiosk.io/photoprintme/IDnumber/admin

Then you have to login:

User: supervisor

Password: 12345678

Once you are inside of your online catalog store, you can change your password and all the customizable content.

What happens if my client lost his ticket?2019-06-06T08:08:57+00:00

No problem if your customer lost the ticket, you can validate the order with his name or phone number.
Just look in the validation screen and you will find all the orders of your customers.

If you need technical support …2019-06-06T08:24:05+00:00

If you need technical support you can contact us through the following email: mecloud.support@sp.mee.com 


To contact us click here: