Impress your customers!

With PhotoPrintMe, offer a new photography business in your store.


is a photo printing system

PhotoPrintMe gives to customers access to a wide variety of products and formats through a mobile device.

An access to an online catalogue to create photographic products starts it all.

Where can they access it from? From your own shop or anywhere else (home, office or when out and about).

PhototPrintMe is a cost-effective photography service you can offer in your store.

is a comprehensive photography service that includes:


Dye sublimation compact system printer which, thanks to its compact size, requires a minimum space to install different finishing with excellent quality reproduction are printed.


It offers a wide variety of photographic products and is customizable for your store. It allows you to select and deselect products, incorporate your shop’s logo, change prices and other handy options.


Communication materials that will announce the new photography business in your store. Some materials will be customized with a QR specific to your store.

Download PLV material here


It allows you to print ID photos to expand the products on offer, simply by connecting a mobile phone or tablet screen to the printer. You can activate this service with an annual subscription (optional).

From a photo
to printing in
a simple step
by step approach

All you need is a smart device to get started! !


Access the online catalogue by scanning the QR.

Select the product and format they wish to make.

Choose photos from their device or social networks.

Edit their photos if desired.

Confirm their order.

Your customers receive
a virtual ticket and present
it at your store counter.

From a photo
to printing in
a simple step
by step approach

From a photo
to printing in
a simple step
by step approach

You validate
the print order,
take the payment
and deliver the photos
to your customers.

Multiple printing options for your customers:

A new service for your customers that will make a difference

Makes your regular customers’ visits profitable

People who regularly shop in your store will be attracted by the possibility of printing their photos using the new service.

Encourages new buyers to enter your establishment attracted by this new service

The use of advertising materials outside your store will attract the attention of new shoppers by encouraging them to log in for the first time and try the PhotoPrintMe service.

Generate cross-selling or additional sales

Customers who come to your store with the intention of printing photos with PhotoPrintMe will probably be tempted to make other types of purchases that they would not have made if the new service did not exist.


New Products|

New Products|

New Christmas Frames!

  New Christmas frames have been already uploaded on your online catalogue, you can find it inside to Greeting Cards/ Christmas Category.     With PhotoPrintMe, print a Picture and keep the moment!   If you have any question, contact us: marketingvis@sp.mee.com    

New Products|

New Products|

PhotoPrintMe Albums are Available Now

You can activate 3 sizes in your online catalogues.   To activate these products, follow these instructions:     Cover albums are available through your distributor, with the following codes.         With PhotoPrintMe, offer a new photography business in your store. Discover it: www.photoprintme.com   [...]


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